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The River

Laxá in Ásum is one of the most remarkable Atlantic salmon rivers in the world, a true jewel among great salmon rivers. Anglers who choose to fish in Laxá in Ásum are drawn to its privacy, breathtaking scenery, luxurious 5-star accommodations, and, above all, the world-class Atlantic salmon fishing it offers. The river boasts an impressive 42-year seasonal average of 955 salmon (1974-2022). With most recent bonanza of 1795 salmon caught in 2015 alone.

In 1932 majority of the river water was diverted through the Laxarvatn hydroelectric power plant and then released back into the river 7 km downstream from the lake. However, the power plant was decommissioned in 2014, and the river restored to its natural riverbed for its entire length from Lake Laxárvatn. The river flows for 15 km to the 3 km estuary, bringing the total fishable water to 18 km fished with 4 rods.

A Destination

Laxá in Ásum is a unique destination of world class salmon fishing. We also like to think of Laxá in Ásum as a destination in a wider context. Laxá in Ásum should be your destination to experience it all. Pristine nature, clean water, pure Icelandic produce, the best wines available, professional and friendly service and good company. Laxá in Ásum is one of those names that feature in any salmon fisherman’s top five rivers in the world to fish. Its catch records have set it apart from Icelandic salmon rivers for decades. This quiet and somewhat humble beauty has not ceased to amaze anglers with gigantic runs of salmon and catch statistics that would make proud any salmon river many times the size of Laxá in Ásum. In this fact lies the reason why Laxá in Ásum is by most considered Iceland’s premiere salmon river. Dedicated anglers from all over the world return to Laxá in Ásum year after year to enjoy remarkable fishing, a peaceful time and unique nature. Only four rods fish Laxá in Ásum so it is very private. Laxá in Ásum originates in lake Laxárvatn in North Iceland. It runs some 15 kilometers to the estuary of the river at Húnaflói, gently winding itself through the green countryside of East-Húnavatnssýsla county.

Laxá in Ásum is Iceland‘s most productive salmon river and recent parr and smolt counts indicate that the river and its spawning grounds are in excellent condition. Yearly smolt studies also suggest that they are getting better by the year. Earliest documentation on fishing in Laxá in Ásum is from the early 13th century and from the beginning the river is noted for abundance of fish. So much that through the centuries serious conflicts regularly arose over fishing rights. Since 1940 netting has been banned and Laxá in Ásum has been fly fishing only since 2001.

The Lodge

A luxurious accommodation nestled in magnificent natural scenery, Ásgarður Lodge offers a truly enchanting experience. Built in 2012 and extended in 2017, it is ideally located on one of the best pools in the river, Krókhylur. This new lodge replaces the old one, which had been serving anglers at the river for decades with its rustic simplicity. The upgraded lodge features six premier ensuite guest rooms, a spacious dining and living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and excellent facilities for waders and fishing gear. For ultimate relaxation after a day of fishing, a sauna awaits on the terrace. We pride ourselves on presenting the lodge as an exclusive 5-star boutique hotel, offering refined service and exquisite cuisine. This first-class lodging provides a warm and charming environment for anglers to unwind and indulge. World class fishing is important but so is the overall experience of the stay at Laxá á Ásum.

The Fishing

Laxá in Ásum is an exclusive private river, allowing only four rods at a time to enjoy abundant salmon fishing. The river boasts a diverse range of pools, pots, waterfalls, and runs, each offering unique characteristics. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of hitching small micro flies and it's nearly impossible to put into words the sensation of witnessing a salmon rise from the crystal-clear water and chase after the V-shaped wake created by the hitch crossing its path. The sheer excitement builds as the silver torpedo betrays its presence by creating a bulge behind the fly, followed by the line being swiftly pulled from your hands. Unlike salmon fishing in other parts of the world, employing fast-stripped micro flies in sizes 16-18 can result in breathtaking action, with a heart-pounding moment as the line tightens and gracefully arcs across the pool. If Iceland is considered the haven for light tackle salmon fishing, then Laxá á Ásum is undoubtedly the crown jewel.

To ensure the sustainability of the river system, only one salmon per rod per day is allowed to be kept, and all salmon measuring 70 cm or more must be released. This is important to preserve the river's ecosystem for centuries to come.

The Service

The lodge is expertly managed by Sturla Birgisson, a seasoned chef, and his wife Freyja Kjartansdóttir, an experienced waiter. Both Sturla and Freyja possess extensive expertise in their respective fields and share a deep passion for angling. With their dedicated service, they strive to provide an unforgettable angling experience, ensuring that guests receive top-notch hospitality.

The catering and cuisine ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers and fish markets. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and the best available produce are carefully selected to create a culinary experience that showcases the purity of the land and the exceptional quality of Icelandic products. The traditional meat of choice is lamb, with sheep farming practices remaining true to their Viking-era origins. Grazing on wild fauna and natural, uncultivated grasses throughout the summer, the sheep roam freely across heaths and hills, while quenching their thirst from crystal-clear mountain streams and rivers. Our fish is sourced close to the shore, and we prioritize purchasing same-day catches from local fish markets and fishermen in the nearby towns surrounding Laxá in Ásum. This unique North Atlantic environment nurtures extraordinary quality, which our chef and catering staff proudly present to anglers and guests at Laxá in Ásum.

In addition to the exceptional cuisine, our lodge also offers a fine selection of wines, spirits, and Icelandic beers to complement your dining experience. We gladly accommodate individual preferences and special requests made prior to your arrival, ensuring that your specific needs are met with personalized attention and care.


Iceland is easily accessible from both Europe and North America through its international airport located in Keflavík, which offers regular daily flights on various airlines. From Keflavík, it takes approximately 40 minutes to drive to the capital, Reykjavik. Laxá in Ásum, situated 270 kilometers from Reykjavík, can be reached by road or private air transport. Regardless of the chosen mode of transportation, the lodge manager will make arrangements based on the individual preferences of incoming anglers. The lodge is conveniently located about 3 km from Blönduós village, where a small airstrip is available for smaller planes. For those arriving by private jets, Akureyri, located 140 km east of the lodge, serves as an alternative airport.

For the exact location of Laxá in Ásum, you can click here to view it on a map.

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